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Our Basketball Program is coached by John Lanoue and Claudette Ankrum

That’s a wrap! Another season of SMS basketball concluded last evening with our annual banquet. We recognized our 6th grade student-athletes, and they received their handmade wooden basketball keepsakes courtesy of the generous and talented Robert and Marianne Ankrum. We enjoyed a lovely meal together with all of our 3rd through 6th grade players and their families.

Our coaches, John Lanoue and Claudette Ankrum, shared their reflections on a great season and expressed their appreciation for all who contributed to the success of the basketball program. A very special thank you to our guest speaker, alumna Madison, who reminded our 6th grade students to cherish their SMS family and try new things as they go out into the future.

We hope the memories of playing with the Echoes will stay with them forever.

Basketball Results


St. Mary's Echoes vs. Samuel Lutheran, Marshall

5/6 Grade: 16-22 (Lost)

3/4 Grade: 7-8 (Lost)

Jan 20

St. Mary's Echoes vs. Lynd

5th/6th grade 18-10 (Won)

3rd/4th grade 20-22 ( close!)

St. Mary's Echoes


True Light Christian School, Marshall

5th/6th grade 20-26 (Lost)

3rd/4th grade 12-24 (Lost)

Jan 23

Jan 24

St. Mary's Echoes


Samuel Lutheran School, Marshall

5th/6th grade 22-26 (Lost)

3rd/4th grade 14-24 (Lost)

Jan 30

St. Mary's Echoes


Trinity Light School, Marshall

5th/6th grade 29-23 (Won)

3rd/4th grade 12-10 (Lost in Overtime)

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