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People's Club

The People’s Club is the fundraising arm of St. Mary’s School and is led by the families of our students. There are a number of different fundraisers to support throughout the year. Being a private school, St. Mary’s does not receive the funding that the public schools receive, and relies heavily on our fundraising efforts to help with the contribution to the school budget, and to keep tuition costs low. Annually the People’s Club works hard to raise over $60,000.

Please contact People’s Club President Andrea Schreier at 605-929-9937 with fundraiser related questions or to make a donation please click the button below to be directed to our form to accept your support. 

We want to thank our community, friends and family, for everything they do to support our school, staff, and most importantly our students. 

Fundraising Calendar

  • August Calendar Raffle: Gervais and M. Schreier Families

  • September 3th Box Car Day Waffle Feed: Seeking Chair

  • September 4th Box Car Day Food Stand: Schreier/Schmidt Families

  • September 4th Box Car Day Craft Fair: Johns Family

  • October 1st Marathon: Lanoue Family

  • November 19th Soup & Pie: Ankrum Family

  • November/December Candy Sales: Buyck Family

  • January Catholic United Raffle: Nelson/Brinkley Families



  • ​Ongoing: SCRIP: Arnold Family

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