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St. Mary's Scrip Program

One of the easiest ways to support St. Mary's School is by using gift cards at all of your favorite businesses which may be purchased through our Scrip Program. While you’re shopping using these gift cards or eCards, you’ll also be earning tuition credit for your family or someone else you designate. Fundraise while you shop through the purchases you make on a weekly basis – such as gas, groceries and more!

Participating local and national businesses donate a percent of gift cards sold back to the school. Of that discount 60% goes to the family and 40% goes to the school to be applied to the general school fund purchasing items such as new library books, new computer equipment, playground equipment and art supplies.  


Anyone who shops can participate: School Families, Grandparents, Neighbors, Friends! 

Tuition credits are paid out 4 times during the school year to your family or a family you designate.  They appear as a credit on your monthly tuition statement.

I'm in...What do I need to do? 

  1. Complete & Sign Tuition Reduction Incentive Program Registration. This form will tell the Scrip Coordinator what student account gets the Scrip credit. 

   2.  Determine if you want to purchase Physical Cards, Ecards, or Both! See below!

Any questions regarding Scrip please contact
Mary Arnold,, 507-828-7930

Physical Gift Cards


Download form, fill out, and return to St. Mary's School Office with payment between Monday thru Friday morning. The Scrip Coordinator will fill the order on Friday afternoon and return the order to family the following Thursday or Friday. 



We do try to keep the following businesses in stock at St. Mary's Office in case you need them immediately:​

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eGift Cards-Raise Right Mobile App


1. Download the RaiseRight app* from the Apple App Store or from Google Play. 


2. First Time Users will Enter enrollment code 43L1C56L1466. 


3. Sign up for payments – link bank account or credit card. (fees apply)  

4.  When you order online you can ONLY purchase “eGift Cards”. Once the purchase is complete, an e-certificate will be sent to the email you registered. You will also be able to see the certificate within the App.


5. The e-gift cards work great for national retailers. When standing in line, you estimate the amount of your purchase. Using the RaiseRight app, you are able to purchase online and pay with the e-certificate when you checkout.


6. By being an app user, there are also exclusive deals just for you to take advantage of. Watch emails for increased discounts.

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