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A GRAND afternoon at St. Mary’s School

SMS students invited their grandparents and special friends to join them for a

GRAND celebration on April 19th. The preschool through 6th grade students

prepared a program focusing on the theme, “Grandparents and grandchildren are

God’s gift to each other.”

The purpose of the program was to highlight the GRAND gifts that the

grandparents and grandchildren receive from each other. The beauty of these

gifts lies in the ways in which the grandparents and grandchildren delight in each other and also in the Lord. The students prepared something special to represent each GRAND gift…….

G is for GRACE: The children thanked their grandparents for offering them grace

again and again. Grandparents freely give and receive love and help the children

learn from their mistakes. The grace the children receive from their grandparents

is possible because of the amazing grace we all receive from our heavenly Father.

The students opened with the beautiful song, Your Grace Is Enough.

R is for RELATIONSHIPS: Grandparents invest time and energy into building

relationships with their grandchildren. Together they dance through the music of

life. The children invited their grandparents to join them in a little dance called

The Bunny Hop. Everyone had fun moving to the music!

A is for ADVENTURES: The children expressed their gratitude for all the fun

adventures they have experienced with their grandparents. They have learned to

see and appreciate God’s creation wherever they go. The preschool through 2nd grade students presented a bright and energetic song called I’m Trusting You.

N is for NOURISHMENT: Grandparents provide their grandchildren with physical

and spiritual growth. It is such a joy to gather around the table with family and

friends. The children asked their grandparents to join them in singing Table of Plenty.

D is for DIRECTION: The SMS students said thank you to their grandparents for

pointing them to the Lord. The words and actions of their loved ones are a

reflection of Jesus. The students closed the program with their favorite worship

song, Shout to the Lord.

After a round of applause, students joined their grandparents and friends at the

table to decorate and enjoy homemade spring cookies. The gymnasium was full

of conversation and laughter, signs of a truly GRAND afternoon!

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