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SMS Marathon Brings People Together for Faith, Fellowship and Fitness

Students, staff, and families gathered together on October 1st to participate in the annual SMS Marathon for Non-Public Education. A total of 75 people rode bikes or walked along the scenic Casey Jones Trail beginning at End-O-Line Park in Currie. Fall colors and a warm breeze made for beautiful conditions. Moments to experience faith, fellowship and fitness were shared by all who attended.

The marathon opened with a prayer asking the Lord to guide the group during the trek around Lake Shetek. Students demonstrated faith in each other throughout the journey by extending hands of friendship and words of encouragement during the ups and downs of the trail. The Lord provided safety and endurance, and all participants were covered in His love from beginning to end.

After completing the marathon, everyone enjoyed food and fellowship together at End-O-Line Park. Children had a blast playing on the equipment while adults visited. Many laughs were shared and memories were made.

The marathon provided an opportunity for physical fitness and plenty of fresh air. Students pedaled hard through the hills of the trail and enjoyed running and playing at the park when they returned. Lots of water was consumed due to the unusually warm October afternoon. Movement, hydration and determination were key parts of the day.

Students have been collecting pledges of monetary support for the marathon and have raised nearly $8,000 at this time. All funds collected go directly to the school. Pledges continue to come in and will be received through October 18th . Please consider making a pledge today! You can drop off your donation with any SMS family, at the school office, or use the link for the option to give online here Thank you for your support! We appreciate you!

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