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Here's to School Year '22-'23

Welcome back students, families, and staff! We are bursting with excitement as we begin a new school year at SMS! Our enrollment is growing with 68 students, and we are blessed to have all of our teachers returning to their classrooms. Our school building is shining after all of the summer improvements, and we are looking forward to the learning opportunities that await us. New laptop computers will be in the hands of our older students this fall as well as many new books in the library and resources in the classrooms. Our traditional events such as the Christmas Program and May Crowning are on the calendar, and new field trips and service projects are in the works. A very special school dinner and auction is set to take place in February; you won’t want to miss it! The 2022-2023 school year is sure to be full of adventures. Come along and enjoy the journey with us here at SMS…. where we enter to learn and exit to serve!

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