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SMS Kindergarten Class Experiences Christmas Around the World

The SMS kindergarten class had the opportunity to travel around the world during the month of December thanks to the creative efforts of their teacher, Mrs. Nilius. The class participated in a study of Christmas celebrations in various countries across the globe. They began their journey by boarding a pretend flight equipped with their boarding pass, passport, scrapbook and suitcase.

The first destination was Germany where the students sang the traditional song, O Tannebaum, and tasted gingerbread treats. They also created their very own gingerbread people.

The second stop was Spain where the students learned about the celebration of Three Kings Day or El Dia de los Reyes Magos. They colored the Spanish flag and sang the popular song, Feliz Navidad.

The students flew over to Italy next where they heard the legend of Old Befana and tasted Italian bread.

Sweden was another stop on their journey, and the children enjoyed learning about the legend of Tomten and the importance of St. Lucia Day.

Snow days made for quick trips to England and Canada where the students made Christmas trees and Santas and tasted crackers with fig jelly.

The final stop of the trek around the world was Mexico. Students read about the significance of the poinsettia and had fun taking turns with a festive pinata.

Mrs. Nilius sent each child home with a suitcase filled with special items from each country. The children were able to unpack the items and share the vivid memories they made with their teacher and classmates during this incredible journey around the world.

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