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Welcome to our St. Mary's School family! Please contact us to set up a time we can connect and answer all of your questions. Lisa Dieter, School Principal, would be happy to schedule a time with your family. Lisa can be reached at 507.629.3270 or
To prepare your preschooler(s) starting at St. Mary's School, we have forms we would like you to fill out and email or return to the school office. Some require you to fill in information and some forms require just your child(s) name(s), a date, and your signature. We will walk you through the steps below.

Note: The Steps below are for Preschool. If you have other siblings joining us at St. Mary's, please click the button to be directed to New Family or Returning Family Registration. 

Preschool Registration


Download the following forms (one per family) and fill in all the correct details:

The Request for Preschool Screening Records:  Please list the Name and Address of the location where Preschool screening was conducted. (Examples: Head Start, local public health agency, private health care provider, or school.)

Acknowledgment sheet for the Preschool Handbook. 
Click here for the Preschool Student Handbook. 

Free and Reduced form (if you do not qualify please fill out Step 1, Step 2, under Step 3 do (A). In the (C) income step please write (Do not qualify) and leave the rest blank, and finally do Step 4.

Application for tuition assistance.

Parent Insurance Waiver

Web Page Permission Slip

Facebook Permission Slip

Volunteer Program

SCRIP Form: Gift cards for Local and National Businesses with a portion of the face value applied to your child’s tuition. Click the button to learn more about our SCRIP Program


Download the following forms (one per child) and fill in all the correct details:


Preschool Registration Form


Annual Health History


Authorization for Emergency Medical Treatment


Preschool Technology Use Policy


Electronic Permission form (This is for Distance Learning if we have snow days, etc.)


Hand-Sanitizer Permission Sheets

If you are sending medications to school with your child, please include these forms with all information filled in. (cough drops, aspirin, ibuprofen, any prescriptions.  These need to be kept in the office, NOT in the classroom.)

Immunization for Preschool Form


Please read the following Additional Important Information: 

Illness info

Is my Child Well Enough to go to School?

Birthday Parties Notice


Please complete all the forms above for Preschool and return them to St. Mary's School (225 6th St., Tracy, MN) or email them to Chris Schons at

Thank you for choosing St. Mary's School. We are looking forward to educating your child(ren). 

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